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Reassurances fail to convince some neighbors El Paso County wind farm is safe (The Gazette - 23 Mar 17)

Massachusetts Clean-Air Group Rails On Local Wind Turbine Installations (Daily Caller - 24 Feb 17)

Carrick pensioner forced to give up dog and move to caravan after wind farm hell (Daily Record - 21 Feb 17)

Wind farm being sued by families admits its liability (Irish Examiner - 6 Feb 17)

They Don't Care If Wind Turbines Make You Sick (Falmouth Patch - 2 Feb 17)

Site visit will weigh concerns about windmill noise (Deerfield Valley News - 28 Jan 17)

Hunterston turbine noise 'acceptable' (Largs and Millport News - 20 Jan 17)

Press Release: High Court order for families forced from homes due to noisy wind turbines (Wind Aware - 4 Jan 17)

Wind Turbine Noise Adversely Impacts Nearby People and Animals (The Energy Collective - 19 Dec 16)
Falmouth USA To Canada Wind Turbine Dirty Secrets
(Falmouth Patch - 15 Dec 16)
Irish families win court victory over noise from wind turbines (Seenews - 12 Dec 16)
Wind farms can cause stress and sleep loss for nearby residents, review finds (BT - 30 Oct 16)
Wind's Double Standard (Forbes - 21 Oct 16)
Agreement reached between water rights group and wind farm builders (ctv news - 20 Oct 16)
Well done, Val!! (The Law is my Oyster - 17 Oct 16)
Wind farm shutdown eased health issues (Green Bay Press-Gazette - 16 Sep 16)
WHO Investigates Health Effects of Wind Turbine Noise & Infrasound (STT - 3 Sep 16)
Industrial wind jeopardizes human health (Lockport Journal - 6 Aug 16)
Siemens ordered to compensate sick workers in Denmark (Reuters - 30 Jun 16)
Letter: Proposed wind turbine project not good for daughter (Daily Republic - 11 Jun 16)
Press release - Noisy Wind Turbine (18 May 16)
Health fear from 'undetected' wind farm 'thumping' noise (Plymouth Herald - 18 May 16)
Study of health effects of wind turbines may duplicate other studies, board worries (IfPress - 16 May 16)
Vermont's turbine noise regulations behind the times (VT Digger - 9 May 16)
Wind turbines = animal deaths and deformities? (New Falcon Herald - May 16)
Disagreements over wind turbine noise limits threaten renewable energy siting bill (Vermont Watchdog - 6 May 16)
Some neighbors claim El Paso County wind farm is making them sick (Gazette - 17 Apr 16)
Senator backs plan for new research into whether wind farms make people sick (abc.net - 29 Mar 16)
German Doctors Spell Out the Serious Harm Caused by Wind Turbine Infrasound (STT - 23 Mar 16)
Medical body pledges $3.3m for research into 'wind turbine sickness' (abc.net - 22 Mar 16)
Ex-health director got headaches from wind turbines (Washington Times - 21 Mar 16)
Light flicker from wind turbines can disturb brain function (fdlreporter - 30 Jan 16)
Wind Energy Development Generates Health Concerns (Science World Report - 27 Jan 2016)
Group says wind farm causing health issues (fdl Reporter - 24 Jan 16)
Turbines Are Stress Generators - Letter (Falmouth Enterprise - 22 Jan 16)
County Leaders Want Local Control or Study on Health Impact of Wind Turbine (Door County Daily News - 22 Jan 16)
Irish Wind Farm Neighbours Detail Unnecessary Daily Acoustic Misery (STT - 11 Jan 16)

Residents says some children are allegedly receiving nosebleeds from wind turbines (Huron Expositor - 23 Nov 15)
Government accused over 'noisy' Northumberland wind turbines (Chronicle - 2 Nov 15)
Wind farm noise compliance reports faked, says senator John Madigan (The Australian - 18 Sep 15)
Wind turbine sound could ruin my ill boy's life, warns mother (Belfast Telegraph - 29 Jul 15)
Can YOU hear wind farms? (Daily Mail - 10 Jul 15)
Real concerns about turbines left blowing in the wind (The Australian - 27 Jun 15)
New curbs can block 'health risk' wind farms (Mail - 31 May 15)
Turkish Court Shuts Down 50 Turbines: Yaylaköy Residents Delighted at 1st Chance to Sleep in Years (STT - 26 May 15)
German Medicos Demand Moratorium on New Wind Farms (STT - 21 May 15)
Open letter on wind turbine noise and action (Canada Free Press - 4 May 15)
Workington woman says she has been forced to move out of her bedroom (Times and Star - 17 Apr 15)
High Court hears claim proposed Co Meath farm will impact environment and health (Irish Times - 14 Apr 15)
Straiton wind farm plan turns dreams into nightmares for cancer-stricken grandmother (Courier - 1 Apr 15)
Call to subject others to wind farm noise (The Australian - 26 Mar 15)
Doctors call for reduction in turbine noise (Irish Examiner - 12 Mar 15)
EU group links powerlines with childhood leukaemia (Irish Examiner - 12 Mar 15)
Unseen, unheard wind farms a blow to health (FAW - 15 Feb 15)
Research council calls for further study into 'wind turbine sickness' (abc - 11 Feb 15)
"It's a disaster": Family affected by windfarm's turbine flicker (The Journal - 7 Feb 15)
Understanding How Wind Turbine Noise Impacts Humans (cleantechnica - 4 Feb 15)
West Norfolk mother tells of blindness fears for son over wind farm scheme (Lynne News - 30 Jan 15)
Wind energy study finds links to impacts reported by residents (abc - 21 Jan 15)
Wind turbine study finds possible correlation between noise and residents' complaints, researcher says (abc - 21 Jan 15)
Link to the Report
Wind farm critics keen to hear expert's findings on turbine noise (Standard - 3 Jan 15)

Ontario families lose court bid to stop wind turbines (Globe and Mail - 29 Dec 14)
Doctor claims Scotland's biggest windfarm has contaminated public water supply with cancer-causing chemical (Daily Record-28 Dec 14)
Wind farms a human health hazard? (Reedsburg Times-Press - 27 Dec 14)
Wind turbine noise review given guarded welcome (Journal - 3 Dec 14)
Ministers commission review on wind turbine noise (Planning Resource - 1 Dec 14)
Noisy windfarms face ban (Telegraph - 30 Nov 14)
Engineer challenges unfair planning procedure - health concerns (Irish Times - 26 Nov 14)
Legal battle over Ontario windfarm may redefine 'harm' (Globe and Mail - 21 Nov 14)
Ex-manager of Wet Wet Wet seeking compensation after claiming windfarm has contaminated water supply (Daily Record - 9 Nov 14)
Health officials weigh next step in wind turbine battle (Green Bay Press Gazette - 27 Oct 14)
Victims of industrial wind (Rutland Herald - 24 Aug 14)
More deaths linked to turbines near Danish windfarm (Breitbart - 13 Jun 14)
Wind turbines 'caused 1600 miscarriages' on fur farm (Breitbart - 10 Jun 14)
Conference warns health effects should be taken seriously (Irish Times - 23 May 14)
Special Investigation: Toxic wind turbines (Sunday Post - 23 Mar 14)
A child's view of wind turbines (Edgar County - 7 Mar 14)
Warning over wind turbine syndrome (Irish Examiner - 3 Mar 14)

A message from parents (Ontario - 28 May 13)
Windfarm expert claims noise guidelines are misleading (Irish Examiner - 12 Apr 13)

MP raises concern of health risks (NewsPost - 13 Dec 12)
DECC study on wind turbine noise (Telegraph - 19 Nov 12)
Wind turbine victims sue noise engineer (windturbinesyndrome - 10 Nov 12)
Windfarm noise does harm sleep and health (Telegraph - 3 Nov 12)
Windfarm noise scandal in Denmark (Canada Free Press (29 Oct 12)
Statutory noise nuisance in Suffolk (BBC News - 16 Oct 12)
Tests reveal Fullabrook windfarm noisy (This is Devon - 27 Sep 12)
Canada moratorium on windfarms pending health review (ctv news - 20 Jul 12)
Stories from Waubra (abc.net - 14 Jun 12)
Operators refuse to shut down turbines (EDP24 - 1 Jun 12)
The human impact (Shetland News - 26 Apr 12)
Report on windfarm noise (9 Mar 12)
Wind turbine syndrome affects more people than previously thought (6 Mar 12)
Danish Govt. updates law on noise
Fullabrook farmer made ill by windfarm noise (Press Association - 26 Jan 12)
Turbine makes woman sick at work (National Wind Watch - 14 Jan 12)
Delay commissioning windfarm causing noise misery (ThisisNorthDevon - 12 Jan 12)

Attitudes to health effects of wind turbines (SouthCoastToday - 29 Dec 11)
Thousands at risk of turbine hum (Sunday Times via NWW - 18 Dec 11)
Demand for research on health effects (Adelaidenow - 1 Dec 11)
A cry for help from Australia (Weekly Times - 4 Nov 11)
Australian Farmers' Story - lives ruined by a windfarm (EPAW)
Cautionary Notice from Australia - WAUBRA Foundation
The reality of life near a windfarm (Western Morning News - 29 Oct 11)
Lives destroyed by turbine noise (thisisnorthdevon - 22 Sep 11)
Health Hazards of Windfarms (Tucson Citizen - 5 Jul 11)
Global protest on health issues from National Windwatch


Articles and Reports



Science deniers in the wind industry

Could wind turbines taint area aquifer?

Willem Post: Wind turbine noise adversely impacts people and animals

NOISE: a startling case of two schools in proximity to wind turbines

Industrial Wind Turbine Noise

Considerations Regarding an Acoustic Criterion for Wind Turbines

List of scientific and other literature evidencing the adverse effects of infrasound on animals

"Vibrations of my house, and of the whole valley" (Friends against wind)

"There is no escaping the torture from infrasound emissions from industrial wind turbines." (Friends against wind)

INWG reports

The Misfortune Of Living By A Wind Farm

Brown County CRWE calls for dismissal of Health Director Chua Xiong's determination concerning Shirley Wind

Professional Caution to Brown Co. Board of Health

How the Wind Industry Rigged Noise 'Rules' to Destroy Neighbours' Lives (STT - 22 Jan 16)

Effect of windfarms on human health

Wind Turbine Infrasound: What You Can't Hear Can Really Harm You (STT - 29 Sep 15)

Winds of Justice -Water Contamination and windfarm construction: update and what you can do about it.

Interim Report from the Australian Senate inquiry

Wind-farm workers suffer poor sleep, international studies find

Effect of Wind Turbine Noise on Workers' Sleep Disorder: A Case Study of Manjil Wind Farm in Northern Iran

Top Acoustic Engineer - Malcolm Swinbanks - Experiences Wind Farm Infrasound Impacts, First Hand (STT - 11 May 15)

Big Wind's Dirty Little Secret: Toxic Lakes and Radioactive Waste

Judge Muse Decision to Shut Down Wind Turbines Causing Irreparable Harm

The "irreparable harm to physical and psychological health" from infrasounds of wind turbines is now proven

Wind Turbine Torture
"People are willing to tolerate, approve, and contribute to the torture of their neighbors with the ill effects of wind turbines simply because they have been told by public officials, the media, or green zealots that it is necessary to 'save the planet' from global climate change." March 2015

Evidence on Wind Farms and Human Health February 2015

The harsh reality (by Stop These Things)

Groundbreaking new study shows the link between "wind turbine signature" and health effects

Peer-reviewed study shatters claims that wind turbines are "safe"

Governments should, first and foremost, protect their citizens

Definitive Document - Wind Turbine Noise & Adverse Health Effects, June 2014

Health Effects Related to Wind Turbine Noise Exposure: A Systematic Review (Denmark)

Community Noise Impact Surveys

Infrasound found in homes near windfarm


Negative health effects of noise from industrial wind turbines
Part 1 : Some background
Part 2: The Evidence
Part 3: How the ear and brain process infrasound


A case was found where workers were exposed to epoxy resins through skin contact and it was reported that they experienced reproductive effects, including irregular periods. Women were warned not to have children for two years after exposure where poor or no protective measures were in place when manufacturing or repairing wind turbine blades with epoxy resins (p.32)
Occupational Safety and Health in the Wind Energy Sector


Public officials involved in the investigation, assessment and regulation of environmental noise, or in giving authoritative advice on that matter, are at personal risk of being charged with a serious criminal offence under Australian law, based on international human rights covenants and conventions, if their actions and decisions lead to, or are complicit in, causing prolonged sleep deprivation for residents in excessive noise impacted communities.
Public Officials risk Criminal Charges for Torture


The healthcare practicioner applying the criteria must be licensed to take a medical or health history and to make a diagnosis. Physicians should consider that children are also affected but in ways sufficiently different from adults.
Diagnostic criteria for adverse health effects in the environs of wind turbines - Royal Society of Medicine


Health Canada report and Summary
and responses to it:
"The report contradicts itself and was not peer reviewed"
Professor disputes wind turbine report
Radio interview with an Epidemiologist
Industry led - Government supported
Too little - too late
Data shows windfarm regulations not adequate


Contamination from windfarms
Scotland's Toxic Shock: Wind Farms Poisoning Neighbours (Aug 2014)
Wind turbines contaminate the environment (Jul 2014)
Dr Rachel Connor and the reality of Whitelee windfarm (Oct 2013)
Drinking water near Whitelee windfarm, Scotland, is contaminated (Sep 2013)
A family's story (2010 - 2011)


Wind Turbines can be Hazardous to Human Health

Health effects of windfarms

How does wind turbine noise affect people

Bad science behind wind turbine noise guidelines

Responses to IOA Consultation on ETSU-R-97 and turbines

A Critique of the IoA Treatment of Background Noise

Where ETSU is Silent


Other Groups and Sites


Crook Hill Eco Disaster

21 peer reviewed articles on health and industrial wind turbines

Brown County Citizens

Experts in all aspects of Environmental Health

Friends Against Wind

Health and Safety blog

Stop These Things

Waubra Foundation

Wind Turbine Syndrome




More WHO letters

WHO's Environmental Noise Guidelines for Europe (Letter WCFN)

Freedom of Information Request

Open Letter to the World Health Organisation

Letter to the World Health Organisation


State health department AWOL on wind turbine impacts (The Cap Times - 24 Sep 16)

Letter of complaint to DPEA


Open Letter addressed to the Department of Energy & Climate Change - 17 November
Attachment 1 - Submission to Northern Ireland Assembly Evironment Committee by Pat Swords
Attachment 2 - Non Conformance of Wind turbines to Design and CE Certification Criteria
Attachment 3 - Whitelee Windfarm - a 5-year study of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus aquatic fluxes
recent email correspondence with DECC


Open letter re. water contamination (Aug 2014)




Infrasound and Low Frequency Noise

Wind and Health by Nathan Brown

French Farmer Sues Wind Farm Over Stressed Cows

Are wind farms really noisy? What does a wind farm sound like?

Windwahn videos

Windbag of Aeolus - from Greece

Downwind - personal stories from Canada

David Mortimer tells the suffering he is experiencing from wind turbines

Wind turbines... what they're doing to people's health, and now it's official

The health impact of wind turbines in the wake of new research

Health Effects

Windmills of your mind

Windfarms, water and the smoking gun



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