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Caithness Windfarm Information Forum - CWIF -

From a supporter after the Stroupster windfarm decision in 2010:

I feel like another bit of us/Caithness has died. It's utterly incredible that this is progressing so far
and now so fast. Folks are going to wake up one day and say "who let this happen?"

CWIF can certainly stand proud and say
"we did our best and fought with everything we had and could think of".


Lambs Photo: Ben MacGregor

If you care about preserving this beautiful area from the onward march of turbines,
please DONATE to show your support.

CWIF is a member of the
World Council for Nature and
European Platform Against Windfarms

The maps on our Windfarm Maps page show the impact of turbines on Caithness and Sutherland

How to object to Current Proposals

The Accident Statistics now total over 1,400.
As stated on that page, we believe this to be the tip of the iceberg.
Why is the industry body so secretive on accidents?

Local Groups

Canisbay/John O'Groats

Limekiln, Reay

Spittal Hill





(we suggest you download the file and read offline due to numerous links)




Wind farms and Health

How does wind turbine noise affect people

A personal story from Scotland

A child's view of wind turbines

Another personal experience



New monthly record for Constraints Payments

Windfarms paid millions to switch off

Let them eat carbon credits

Gone with the Wind: Valuing the Visual Impacts of Wind turbines through House Prices



Climate Control: Brainwashing in Schools



Restructuring Highland Council

with link to latest Know Your Council file with details of Council officers and Councillors




Live Newsfeed from National Wind Watch
(hover over items to see summary, click to see full link
or if Live Newsfeed fails click on link above for Scottish news)


Dougal Quixote's Blog


No Wind Turbines - facebook group

Wind Energy's Absurd - facebook group




All meetings of Highland Council are webcast live

and available later in the archive




Watten Against Turbines

There will be a meeting of likeminded individuals to have a chat/discussion about the
numerous applications for wind turbines in our area.

Watten Community Hall Wednesday 23rd April at 7.30pm




Site Visit by the Reporter following appeal by the developers

Meeting at 10.30 am on 28 April by Alterwall




PUBLIC INQUIRY due for week beginning 25 August

Details on DPEA website



International Conference on Wind Turbine Noise

Monday 20 April to Thursday 23 April 2015
Radisson Blu Hotel, Glasgow, Scotland




Message from the Limekiln windfarm opposition group - RAWOG

The Limekiln wind farm proposal is to go to a Public Inquiry from 25 August at the Weigh Inn, Thurso.

RAWOG intends to take an active role in the Inquiry by employing professional representation to help with our case against the Limekiln development, and to put the opinions of the local community to the Inquiry Reporters. To do this we need to raise a considerable amount of money and hope that you can help us by making a monetary donation of whatever size. Donations can be made through our website or email for details of payment by cash or cheque.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give.



click to enlarge (Photomontage by Stuart Young Visualisations)


Application to increase the tip height and blade diameter of the turbines - please object NOW

Compare with original consented application



An addendum to the Environmental Statement has been submitted with a deadline to comment of 25 April

Opposition group website



22 turbines 125m to tip south of Altnaharra and north of Lairg

Additional information has been submitted to Scottish Ministers and has been re-advertised (see under Current Proposals)




Recent Applications - See also Current Proposals and Maps


Following refusals by Highland Council the developers are appealing the following:

Bad a Cheo windfarm - details on DPEA website

Lyth windfarm - details on DPEA website



Tressady windfarm to be appealed (Northern Times - 22 Apr 14)

Strathy windfarm benefit launched (Northern Times - 2 Apr 14)

Bird charity may fight massive windfarm plan in Moray Firth (Press & Journal - 24 Mar 14)

Electricity cable stolen from windfarm (John O'Groat Journal - 10 Mar 14)

Lyth windfarm rejection to be appealed (John O'Groat Journal - 5 Mar 14)

Ballot to be held on Spittal Hill Windfarm (John O'Groat Journal - 2 Mar 14)

SSE drops windfarm plans (Telegraph - 24 Feb 14)

Controversial turbine in national scenic area approved (Herald - 19 Feb 14)

Victory for opponents as Tressady Wind Farm application is turned down (Northern Times - 18 Feb 14)

Beatrice proposal to be reviewed (Construction Index - 24 Jan 14)

Council to visit Tressady windfarm site (Scotsman - 14 Jan 14)

Windfarm firm accused of attempt to sway planning bid with cash payments (Herald - 6 Jan 14)

Rare bird prompts RSPB to step up objections to Strathy South (John O'Groat Journal - 20 Dec 13)

Fresh attempt at Spittal (Herald - 9 Dec 13)

Rare birds threat could decimate Strathy windfarm plan (Northern Times - 6 Dec 13)
SNH concerns over SSE's Strathy South wind farm (BBC News - 29 Nov 13)
SNH sets stall against Strathy South windfarm (John O'Groat Journal - 29 Nov 13)

Danger warning when turbine parts take to Caithness Roads (Caithness Courier - 20 Nov 13)

'We're running out of room for windfarms' (Press & Journal - 5 Nov 13)
full article from NWW

RSPB slams flow country turbine plans (Caithness Courier - 30 Oct 13)
Flow country wind turbine plan worrying RSPB (Scotsman - 29 Oct 13)
RSPB says flow country windfarm one of the most worrying we've seen (ForArgyll - 28 Oct 13)
RSPB Scotland opposed to SSE's Strathy South wind farm (BBC News - 28 Oct 13)

Ministers urged to protect Reay from windfarm (John O'Groat Journal - 23 Oct 13)
Councillors object to Caithness Limekiln wind farm (BBC News - 22 Oct 13)
Reay windfarm goes before councillors (Caithness Courier - 17 Oct 13)

Glenmorie PLI going ahead (Scotsman - 22 Oct 13)
Fury as windfarm inquiry goes ahead (Press & Journal - 22 Oct 13)
Windfarm inquiry (Shetland News - 22 Oct 13)
Landmark legal debate in windfarm wrangle (Press & Journal - 21 Oct 13)
Mountaineers accuse Scottish Govt. over Glenmorie windfarm (Grough - 18 Oct 13)
Dramatic turn in Easter Ross windfarm plan (North Star News - 17 Oct 13)
SNP ministers ignore court ruling (Telegraph - 17 Oct)
Charity wants to stall windfarm inquiry (Herald - 12 Oct 13)
Glenmorie windfarm Public Inquiry in doubt (Caledonian Mercury - 11 Oct 13)

Community spin-offs from Camster (John O'Groat Journal - 6 Oct 13)

Row over planned Caithness wind farm voucher offer (BBC News - 26 Sep 13)

SSE faces more flak over Strathy windfarm (John O'Groat Journal - 20 Sep 13)
RSPB objects to flow country windfarm (Birdwatch - 20 Sep 13)

'Ring of Steel' protest (Herald - 18 Sep 13)
Letters - Feeding frenzy (Herald - 19 Sep 13)
Windfarm rejected amid ring of steel concerns (Press & Journal - 18 Sep 13)
Mixed fortunes for windfarm plans (Caithness Courier - 18 Sep 13)

Local member input on planning to be axed (Northern Times - 3 Sep 13)

Fears for child safety (Times - 5 Sep 13 via EPAW)
Wind turbine destroyed by wind (Telegraph - 4 Sep 13)
How 40mph winds wrecked turbine (Daily Mail - 4 Sep 13)
Fears for children's safety after turbine breaks up (Press & Journal - 4 Sep 13)
Wind turbine blade debris sparks school safety concerns (Herald - 3 Sep 13)



News Archive




In environmental justice, the wind still rides roughshod over the rules

"There is a feeling that wind seems to be exempt from the normal rules. If I were to erect a structure 140 metres high, doubling the height above sea level of the hills alongside the valley of the Stinchar in Ayrshire, for example, there would rightly be an outcry. If I were to kill hundreds of birds of prey every year, there would be outrage. If I were to kill thousands of bats, I would go to jail. How can it be that the wind industry uniquely is allowed to ride roughshod over the environmental rules that protect the rest of us from anyone spoiling the view, killing eagles and pouring concrete into peatland?"


by Boris Johnson

"It is a good 20 years since I last drove all the way to Scotland, and in the interim something unbelievable has been done - in our name - to our green, pleasant and precious countryside," he said.

"I mean the windmills, the turbines - whatever they are called. I mean the things that look like some hideous Venusian invasion, marching over the moors and destroying the dales; the colossal seaside toys plonked erratically across our ancient landscape; the endless parade of waving white-armed old lunatics, gesticulating feebly at each other across the fields and the glens.

"They seemed to be everywhere, and I asked myself, when were we consulted? Was there a referendum? Did someone ever warn the British people that these moaning seagull slicers were going to be erected on some of the most sensational scenery that God ever called into being?"


From James Lovelock - originator of the Gaia theory

"I am an environmentalist and founder member of the Greens but I bow my head in shame at the thought that our original good intentions should have been so misunderstood.

"We never intended a fundamentalist Green movement that rejected all energy sources other than renewable, nor did we expect the Greens to cast aside our priceless ecological heritage because of their failure to understand that the needs of the Earth are not separable from human needs. We need to take care that the spinning windmills do not become like the statues on Easter Island, monuments of a failed civilization."


from "Out and about with Ralph" (Caithness Courier - 25 Jan 12)

The hills have been turned into a man-made industrial estate, covered in gigantic white turning monsters totally destroying any visage of remoteness. Yes, they shout at you, man is master of nature and we mean to show it. Well, any nation which can do this to its landscape loses any right to complain about anything else anyone else does, be it rain-forest removal, strip mining, whaling, deep-sea drilling... this is environmental desecration, destruction and degradation of the worst order.

If I lived in England and saw this advert for arrogance when travelling north I would most certainly speak out in favour of Scottish independence... as in the film, "The Last Great Wilderness", where the Welcome to Scotland sign has been altered to
"Scotland, you're welcome to it!"


Sir Bernard Ingham

"They are no good when the wind doesn't blow and they are no good when the wind does blow.
What on earth is the point of them? They represent the most ridiculous waste of people's money."



Do they really expect us to believe them?

"The Scottish Government will only approve the right wind farm applications in the right places,
and applications that do not meet strict criteria are rejected. Our planning guidance for local authorities makes clear that developments must be carefully sited to mitigate and minimise impacts on local amenity.”

"The Scottish Government will only allow windfarms to be built where the impacts have been found to be acceptable - and unsuitable applications are rejected."

"While Ministers believe it is right to make the most of the opportunities that are offered by our abundant natural energy resources, this must be done in a way that protects the environment and takes account of the views of local communities."

“While we value the contribution well-sited windfarms can make, the Scottish Government is committed to protecting Scotland’s landscape and natural beauty and agree that windfarms should not be built without careful consideration of their potential impact on the environment before any decision is made on whether they should be given the go-ahead.”

"Every application for wind farm development is assessed against local development plan policy and on its merits, taking into account the views of statutory consultees, interested parties, local communities and the public. Unsuitable applications are rejected."

"Scotland has astounding green energy potential and vast natural resources, with a quarter of Europe's offshore wind potential, and we have a responsibility to ensure our nation seizes this opportunity to create tens of thousands of new jobs and secure billions of pounds of investment in our economy. However, any development will be undertaken in a sustainable and informed manner."

"The Scottish Government wants to see the right developments in the right places, and Scottish planning policy is clear that the design and location of any wind farm should reflect the scale and character of the landscape, as well as being considered environmentally acceptable."

"Scottish planning policy is clear that the design and location of any wind farm should reflect the scale and character of the landscape and should be considered environmentally acceptable."


Ewing's two hats:

Minister for Tourism
"And once people have been enticed north, they can enjoy the peace and quiet and the slower gentler pace that a break here amidst our splendid landscape offers."
Endorsing Year of Natural Scotland in the Inverness Courier

Minister for Energy
"I'm delighted to launch these materials, developed with industry, planning authorities and stakeholders, which aim to make the planning process for wind developments go more smoothly for everyone involved."
Endorsing new Scottish Govt. guidance on wind planning applications


Rob Gibson MSP looking two ways:

One way: "Peatlands are vital to the climate change imperative which we now face as they lock away carbon," explained the MSP. "In effect, they are natural carbon sinks - if they dry out and are damaged then they release more carbon into the atmosphere. So to restore those that have been blocked up or dried out will help the environment by reducing the amount of carbon in the country."

The other way: "Gibson argues the Scottish Government faces obstacles domestically as well. Many councils have failed to grasp the nettle on renewables and have allowed nimbyism to take hold of local decision-making. "I'm particularly concerned about the issues that were raised in the Energy Committee's report about our planning system," he says. "It's not going with the thrust of government policy in many council areas, where onshore wind farms in particular don't just fall prey to gross misinformation from objectors - gross misinformation - but also councils that are not prepared to face up to their climate change responsibilities."

Has he been to Camster lately or any of the other sites where peat has been destroyed by windfarms?


Quote from Ewing:

"Scotland, under the SNP, will not, does not and cannot rely on renewable energy alone. It will be part of a mix - a balanced mix." The minister said some people might be under the impression that the Nationalists' plan was for "all our lights to be kept on by renewables". He added: "Plainly this is absurd. It's not true and it's important for me to state that this is the case."



Dangers from wind turbines to:

Communities - one turbine fire and another only days apart
Children in school
Weather forecasting
Underground pipelines
Marine life
Farm birds
Study: California Wind Power is the Worst For Wildlife
We have to kill eagles in order to save them
But all energy has costs, and the administration has had to accept the not-so-green sides of green energy as a means to an end


First there was a problem with Proven turbines
next blades are flying off Evoco turbines
then Eoltec turbines falling to bits

All these originally had MCS


Another turbine fire that could not be put out and set fire to burning brush
just as well it was not in industrial estate or near homes


Coldingham turbine collapses and Ardrossan turbine catches fire

Is this why Ardrossan turbine caught fire?

"As a standard precautionary measure, all Infinis staff vacate wind farms when wind speeds exceed
55 mph and therefore no one was present on site at the time of the incident,"
Infinis Energy press release
after Ardrossan
Why are the public not issued with similar warnings?

Is this why turbines fail?

Wind turbine blades fly off in storm

What happens to wind turbines in a storm


If windfarms are so safe, why this?

Yet still they site them near people and buildings - see below a turbine in Lowestoft.
Can that really be a gas holder below it?

photo courtesy of Mike Page



Community Benefit (courtesy Graham Lang)

"Where does Community Benefit come from? From the income of the wind farm.
Where does the income of the wind farm come from? From our electricity bills some of which subsidises wind.
Where does the Community Benefit come from? You and me."



from Think Scotland

Forgotten communities are left high and dry by wind farms
The hunt for Green October
Winds of Change
Debasing democracy the Salmond way
All at Sea: offshore wind farms will leave Scotland feeling blue
Forget school dinners, Pupils are now being fed propaganda
Modern Environmentalism; people would rather believe than know
See also "Climate Change Heretic" David Bellamy at Buckingham Palace
Opposing a wind farm application needs guts and guile
Wind Energy: Chalk It Up as a Loss



From the walls of the Scottish Parliament building:

The battle for conservation will go on endlessly.
It is part of the universal battle between right and wrong.

John Muir (1838-1914)

What would the world be, once bereft
Of wet and wildness? Let them be left,
O let them be left, wildness and wet;
Long live the weeds and the wilderness yet.

Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844-1889) "Inversnaid"




click image to view video



List of Scottish Protest Groups


Scottish Govt. list of decisions




Kintyre windfarm a disastrous blow for many (Herald - 21 Apr 14)

Plans for Perthshire windfarm classroom backed (Courier - 19 Apr 14)

Vast majority oppose Barmoor windfarm (Berwick Advertiser - 18 Apr 14)

UFO windfarms coming soon to Scottish skies (Scotsman - 17 Apr 14)

Wind turbines planned for Glasgow (Daily Record - 17 Apr 14)

We'd need 12,000 more turbines to keep lights on (Sunday Post - 13 Apr 14)

SNP's windfarm policy completely out of control (Scotsman - 12 April 14)
Leader - No need for national debate on windfarms (Scotsman - 12 April 14)
Letters - Democracy is being denied (Scotsman - 13 April 14)
Letters - Green Hype (Scotsman - 14 April 14)
Letters - Myth and Reality (Scotsman - 15 April 14)

The impact of windfarms (Shetland Times - 8 Apr 14)

Offshore windfarm plans going under spotlight (Press & Journal - 5 Apr 14)

Scottish Government commits to referencing wild land in new Scottish planning documents (JMT - 3 Apr 14)

Individuals buy £3m of shares in co-operative windfarms (Herald - 1 Apr 14)

Buchan windfarm deemed too noisy gets ASBO (Scotsman - 1 Apr 14)

Turbine numbers could rise 10 fold (Sunday Post - 30 Mar 14)

Nathro developer accuses Angus Council of unofficial ban (Courier - 29 Mar 14)

50 community councils demand windfarm moratorium (Galloway Gazette - 25 Mar 14)

Special investigation toxic windfarms (Sunday Post - 23 Mar 14)
Letter - windfarm fallout (Scotsman - 24 Mar 14)

Watchdog damns top Tory's windfarm (Herald - 23 Mar 14)

Rural alliance in row over windfarms (Herald - 23 Mar 14)

Windfarms ruining Scotland for visitors says new poll (Daily Mail - 18 Mar 14)

Windfarm mania costs £1m a day (Express - 17 Mar 14)

Survey shows windfarms are damaging Scottish mountain tourism (Galloway Gazette - 17 Mar 14)

Salmond's great windfarm rip-off (Sunday Post - 16 Mar 14)

Ministry of Defence launches windfarm Court fight (Scotsman - 15 Mar 14)

The Scottish government has proposed increasing the separation distance between wind farms and local communities from
2km to 2.5km.
(BBC News - 14 Mar 14)

Cable predicts decision on wind turbine makers (Scotsman - 14 Mar 14)

Windfarm developers shun contribution to Highlands cashpot (Strathspey Herald - 10 Mar 14)

How top Tory's windfarm goldmine could spell ruin for local constituents (Herald - 9 Mar 14)

Energy expert delivers blow to Alex Salmond windpower hopes (Express - 8 Mar 14)

Energy giants oppose windfarm wild land ban (Telegraph - 5 Mar 14)

Silent school turbine sees residents appeal over noise (Leader - 3 Mar 14)

ABO signs up for 3D windfarm image app (Scotsman - 2 Mar 14)

Tralorg windfarm gets green light (Carrick Gazette - 2 Mar 14)

Moray Council refuse Cairn Duhie (Northern Scot - 28 Feb 14)

Ramblers back Monadhliath group's opposition to Allt Duine (Grough Magazine - 27 Feb 14)

Shetland windfarm warning (Shetland Times - 27 Feb 14)

UKIP adviser branded hypocrite after striking windfarm deals (Herald - 23 Feb 14)

Donald Trump buys Irish golf resort after losing Scotland court battle (Guardian -11 Feb 14)

Donald Trump trumped over offshore windfarm (Business Green - 11 Feb 14)

Windfarms blamed for wild land destruction (Herald - 8 Feb 14)

Windfarm plans a no-brainer for Harris community (Herald - 7 Feb 14)

Cairngorms turbine plan a windfarm too far (Scotsman - 7 Feb 14)

Letters - blow for tourism (Scotsman - 5 Feb 14)

SSE ordered to tackle 'problem hum' at Beauly substation (BBC News - 5 Feb 14)

Opposition mounts to Rannoch Moor windfarm (MCofS - 5 Feb 14)

Shock as Historic Scotland shrugs off windfarm plans (Press & Journal - 3 Feb 14)

Cairngorms bosses 'no objection' to plans for two new wind farms (STV News - 3 Feb 14)

Ryder cup fans will be shocked by windfarms at Gleneagles (Courier - 3 Feb 14)

Ben under attack say objectors (Ross-shire Journal - 2 Feb 14)

E.On wants to build 19 turbines near Carsphairn (Daily Record - 31 Jan 14)

Scotland's offshore windfarms investment halved (Scotsman - 28 Jan 14)

Backlash grows over church's windfarm role (Southern Reporter - 26 Jan 14)

Letters - windfarm facts (Scotsman - 25 Jan 14)

Unacceptable Ben Wyvis windfarm plan blasted (Scotsman - 23 Jan 14)

Windfarm near Loch Ness gets go-ahead (Scotsman - 17 Jan 14)

Sinister letters sent to windfarm critics (Express - 15 Jan 14)

Turbine blades destined for landfill (Scotsman - 15 Jan 14)

Planned offshore Angus windfarm twice as big as Dundee (Evening Telegraph - 14 Jan 14)

Windfarm plans lodged for Dingwall (Ross-shire Journal - 13 Jan 14)

Wind turbine blades could be buried at end of life (Evening Express - 13 Jan 14)

Protest meeting against windfarm near Glen Affric (Inverness Courier - 9 Jan 14)

Wind farms 'will be paid billions to switch off' (The Times - 8 Jan 14)

Edge of Cairngorms national park no place for a windfarm (Independent - 6 Jan 14)

Council fears windfarm's impact on Bell Rock lighthouse has been understated (Courier - 3 Jan 14)

Government urged to throw out two windfarm plans (Herald - 3 Jan 14)

Millions of trees chopped down to make way for windfarms (Telegraph - 2 Jan 14)

Historic Scotland oppose wind turbine (Courier - 30 Dec 13)

Wind farms risk Scotland's wild appeal (Scotsman - 28 Dec 13)
Letter - Beauty spoiled (Scotsman - 30 Dec 13)

Windfarms missing from Highland Council map (Press & Journal - 28 Dec 13)
full article via NWW

"No" vote donors in windfarm payments row (Herald - 22 Dec 13)

Turbine company hire bird expert (Largs and Millport News - 22 Dec 13)

Anger as Bute windfarm loan set to be written off (buteman - 19 Dec 13)

Windfarm report says no areas of Angus have capacity for large developments (Courier - 14 Dec 13)

Plans for Tiree offshore windfarm dropped (Scotsman - 13 Dec 13)
A clear win for the No Tiree Array campaign (forArgyll - 13 Dec 13)

Windfarms are a bad deal for Scottish taxpayers in all aspects (Herald - 13 Dec 13)

Mountaineers maintain objections to windfarm near national park (Herald - 12 Dec 13)

Guidance call over windfarm benefit for residents (Herald - 11 Dec 13)

Fishermen concerned by support for offshore wind (thefishsite - 6 Dec 13)

Delay in plan to connect windfarm to grid (Scotsman - 5 Dec 13)

Windfarm protestors call for end to developments (Scotsman - 4 Dec 13)

Donald Trump loses Shetland windfarm appeal (Scotsman - 3 Dec 13)

Letters - windfarm fears (Scotsman - 30 Nov 13)

Lewis windfarm given planning permission (STV news - 27 Nov 13)

Gaelic names invented to hide windfarm projects (Scotsman - 25 Nov 13)

Floating windfarm to be located off Scottish coast (Scotsman - 24 Nov 13)

Plan for more turbines at Little Raith windfarm beggars belief (Courier - 23 Nov 13)

In environmental justice, the wind still rides roughshod over the rules (New Statesman - 21 Nov 13)

Donald Trump joins legal battle over Shetland windfarm (Guardian - 20 Nov 13)

Fears turbine could fall on football fans (Courier - 19 Nov 13)

Windfarm petition lodged at Straiton (Carrick Today - 15 Nov 13)

Developer offers cash to silence objectors (Daily Record - 15 Nov 13)

Trump team battles on over windfarm (Herald - 15 Nov 13)

£10BN ENERGY BILLS RIP-OFF: Salmond wind farm obsession cost British families £2,860 (Express - 9 Nov 13)

Payments protocol set out for windfarm companies (Herald - 8 Nov 13)

Infinis warns Scottish independence could end UK energy market (Telegraph - 6 Nov 13)

Application for 20-turbine windfarm near Nairn (STV News - 5 Nov 13)

Windfarms have turned East Renfrewshire into an industrialised landscape (Herald - 5 Nov 13)

Bid to halt windfarm plans over switch off payments (Herald - 4 Nov 13)

EDF paid £3m to shut down Scottish windfarm (Telegraph - 4 Nov 13)

Revamped turbine plan still gets wind up objectors (Ross-shire Journal - 3 Nov 13)

Blow for offshore windfarm opposed by Trump (Scotsman - 29 Oct 13)

Wind turbines driving climbers off our peaks (Express - 28 Oct 13)

Council accused of withholding information on Clatto Hill plans (Courier - 28 Oct 13)

Ben Wyvis plans opposed by residents (Scotsman - 25 Oct 13)

Government green energy tax cut could be death knell for new windfarms (Northern Times - 25 Oct 13)

Scottish Ministers to rule on Tillyrie Hill windfarm (Courier - 21 Oct 13)

Largest offshore wind turbine now in Fife (Edinburgh Reporter - 21 Oct 13)

Huge windfarm plan for Loch Urr described as 'horrendous' by campaigners (Daily Record - 18 Oct 13)

SNP ministers ignore court ruling (Telegraph - 17 Oct 13)

Campaigners issue plea to windfarm developers (Herald - 16 Oct 13)

Date set for Viking windfarm appeal (Shetland News - 15 Oct 13)

2,500 wind applications in past 18 months (Scotsman - 13 Oct 13)

Call to end windfarm obsession (Courier - 11 Oct 13)

Mountaineers anger at new windfarm proposal (Herald - 9 Oct 13)

Challenge to St Andrews University windfarm (Courier - 8 Oct 13)
Protestors hit out at St Andrews windfarm (Scotsman - 7 Oct 13)
Ministers approve windfarm in sight of home of golf (Telegraph - 7 Oct 13)
University windfarm to go ahead after council refusal overturned (Herald - 7 Oct 13)

Glenouther windfarm refused by Minister (STV News - 27 Sep 13)

Whitelees reported to ASA over claims (Herald - 26 Sep 13)
Whitelees accused of water contamination (Times - 22 Sep 13)

SSE customers without power (Shetland News - 2 Oct 13)

Windfarms plan suffers legal setback (Scotsman - 3 Oct 13)
Sustainable Shetland claims victory (Shetland Times - 2 Oct 13)
Government to appeal Viking ruling (Shetland News - 2 Oct 13)
Judge rules against Viking windfarm (Shetland News - 24 Sep 13)
Scottish government 'failed in nature obligations' (BBC News - 24 Sep 13)
Sustainable Shetland ‘pleased’ as judge rules on Viking wind farm (Shetland Times - 24 Sep 13)
The full report
A brief explanation of the Judge's decision



News Archive




March of wind turbines and solar farms threaten region (Western Morning News - 22 Apr 14)

Ed Miliband says Britain must embrace onshore windfarms (Telegraph - 21 Apr 14)

Windfarm owners were paid €10m not to produce energy (Irish Independent - 20 Apr 14)

Wind turbine protestors stage sit-in (Taipei Times - 17 Apr 14)

Windfarm ducks flawed wildlife report (Spalding Times - 15 Apr 14)

Coalition faces monster rally (Irish Independent - 13 Apr 14)
Turbines - A Single Chapter in a Complex Story of Rural Neglect

Developer misled public over windfarm off Isle of Wight (Telegraph 13 Apr 14)

Out of control SNP litter Scotland's landscape with windfarms (Express - 12 Apr 14)

Windfarm expansion will require fridges to be switched off at times of peak demand (Telegraph - 10 Apr 14)

Ireland - The distance from a wind turbine to a house should be 10 times its height says new bill (The Journal - 10 Apr 14)

Windfarms reduce house prices (Guardian - 8 Apr 14)
Letters - Realities of living with windfarms (Guardian - 8 Apr 14)

Tory chairman signals anti-windfarm manifesto (Western Morning News - 7 Apr 14)

Parachutists worried by huge turbine near drop area (Scunthorpe Telegraph - 5 Apr 14)

Let them eat carbon credits (Spectator - 5 Apr 14)

Windfarms paid millions to switch off (Daily Mail - 3 Apr 14)

Windfarms impact on property prices (Guardian - 29 Mar 14)

Devon couple's idyllic home ruined (Exeter Express - 29 Mar 14)

Council fears cost of public inquiries (News North Wales - 28 Mar 14)

Landowners against wind farms question energy rules, standards (Dispatch - 24 Mar 14)

Alaska gets helium filled turbine (Geek - 22 Mar 14)

Bonfire insanity (Daily Mail - 16 Mar 14)

Taoiseach and Cameron may resolve wind farm issue (Irish Times - 14 Mar 14)

Residents 'devastated' after battle against wind turbines is lost (Tenby today - 14 Mar 14)

MPs criticise Klondike style gold rush (Daily Mail - 12 Mar 14)

Multi billion wind energy deal unlikely to proceed as planned (Irish Times - 7 Mar 14)

A child's view of wind turbines (Edgar County - 7 Mar 14)

Warning over wind turbine syndrome (Irish Examiner - 3 Mar 14)

Windfarm plans in tatters after subsidy rethink (Telegraph - 2 Mar 14)

Windfarms Inspector Blight criticised by senior judges (Telegraph - 1 Mar 14)

Windfarm earnings hit by plans to freeze carbon tax (Telegraph - 1 Mar 14)

Letter - windfarm subsidies phased (Western Morning News - 27 Feb 14)

Thoroughbred horse owners warn wind turbines could affect investment (Irish times - 24 Feb 14)

Windfarms paid £30m to shut down during high winds (Telegraph - 23 Feb 14)

These five graphs dig into the figures behind wind energy in Ireland (The Journal - 23 Feb 14)

Huge expansion of London Array wind farm dropped amid concerns for red throated diver birds (Kentonline - 19 Feb 14)

Spinning wind turbines spark lightning (New Scientist - 19 Feb 14)

MOD's turbine friendly radar upgrade could herald windfarm invasion (Express - 19 Feb 14)

Windfarm victory for Lyveden (North Hants Telegraph - 18 Feb 14)

England's biggest windfarm to double in size (Lancashire Telegraph - 18 Feb 14)

Boss blames windfarm bias for power station closure (Yorkshire Post - 14 Feb 14)

Offshore windfarms 'wild west' of renewable energy, union warns (Guardian - 14 Feb 14)

Impact of pylons and windfarms on property (Independent/Irish News - 9 Feb 14)

Bankers earn back millions in tax by investing in wind power (Dutch News - 8 Feb 14)

Out of control wind turbine is life threatening (ackronhometowner)
Runaway school turbine poses threat to community (kcautv - 6 Feb 14)

Windfarms to sense approaching aircraft (Daily Fusion - 4 Feb 14)

Work starts on giant windfarm (South Wales Evening Post - 4 Feb 14)

Ireland's rural protests over wind energy (BBC News - 2 Feb 14)

Angry councillor likens wind turbines to breeding rabbits (Ely News - 1 Feb 14)

‘Green’ energy sweeteners are not all that they seem (Western Morning News - 30 Jan 14)

Lyvedon windfarm battle goes to court of appeal (Northants Telegraph - 30 Jan 14)

Windfarms reduce property values by 11% (Daily Mail - 25 Jan 14)

Study shows windfarms killed 600,000 bats last year (yottafire - 24 Jan 14)

Falmouth veteran battles wind turbines and health woes (Boston Globe - 24 Jan 14)

Barnwell Manor wind farm case at Court of Appeal (BBC News - 23 Jan 14)

Windfarms slash third of value off homes as developers make millions (Daily Mail - 22 Jan 14)

Ireland Anti-wind turbine and pylon groups join forces (Longford leader - 22 Jan 14)

Airports object to wind turbine plans by University of Liverpool (Liverpool Echo - 21 Jan 14)

Wind turbine falls (ajc - 16 Jan 14)
Wind turbine topples in Fayette County (wpxi - 16 Jan 14)

Study finds small aircraft face risks near airports (15 Jan 14)

Noisy school turbine to be moved on (Luton today - 12 Jan 14)

Britons pay more for windfarms (Telegraph - 11 Jan 14)

Ireland - wind energy inquiry welcomed (Ulster Herald - 10 Jan 14)

Bird conservation groups move to block Lake Erie wind turbine (Cleveland - 8 Jan 14)

Factories could be paid to operate a night to cut windfarm compensation (Telegraph - 7 Jan 14)

Fears voiced by fishermen over turbines (edp - 4 Jan 14)

Wind turbines won't generate enough electricity to recoup money spent on them (Nottingham Post - 3 Jan 14)

Test case could see hundreds of turbines near historic sites (Telegraph - 3 Jan 14)

Europe wants to block UK windfarm subsidies (Telegraph - 2 Jan 14)

Windfarm blight industrialising countryside (Daily Mail - 1 Jan 14)

Ireland - parish for sale in protest (Independent - 1 Jan 14)

Windfarms can wipe one-third off house prices (Telegraph - 30 Dec 13)

Windfarms handed £5m to switch off turbines as thousands of homes left without power (Telegraph - 30 Dec 13)

Windfarm blight cutting value of homes (Plymouth Herald - 30 Dec 13)

Councils waste millions on ineffective wind turbines (Telegraph - 26 Dec 13)

£30m for wind turbines that don't work when it's windy (Daily Mail - 26 Dec 13)

Wind farm: a gift from up above (Colorado Springs Independent - 25 Dec 13)

Fight to halt windfarm despite ruling (thisiscornwall - 22 Dec 13)

Kumeyaay wind farm idled by turbine fire (SanDiego news - 17 Dec 13)

Wind turbine explodes and sparks brush fire (Eastcounty magazine - 16 Dec 13)

Green energy cost cutting plans may lead to more onshore windfarms (Telegraph - 15 Dec 13)

Web of 'green' politicians, tycoons and power brokers (Daily Mail - 14 Dec 13)

MPs, Lords and lobbyists who advise Ministers on eco policies... then cash in (Daily Mail - 14 Dec 13)

Fury at increase in wind turbines (Belfast Telegraph - 14 Dec 13)

School turbine blade flies 200 yards (Whitehaven News - 12 Dec 13)

Campaigners rally to call halt to windfarm in Yorkshire Wolds (Yorkshire Post - 11 Dec 13)

We have to kill eagles in order to save them (National Review - 9 Dec 13)

Eagle deaths allowed as cost of wind energy (phillypost - 8 Dec 13)

Wind turbines policy is all at sea (Telegraph 7 Dec 13)

Wind turbines and billionaires (Guardian - 6 Dec 13)

Onshore windfarm subsidies will be cut (Telegraph - 4 Dec 13)

Questions about energy that must not be ducked (Telegraph - 4 Dec 13)

Windfarm noise - a government cover up (Telegraph - 3 Dec 13)
Lobby group influenced windfarm noise report (Telegraph - 2 Dec 13)
REF article

Fine of $1m for windfarm bird kills (agprofessional - 2 Dec 13)

Our enemy is not global warming. In Britain, people are dying of the cold (Spectator - 30 Nov 13)

More realistic cost of wind energy (the energycollective - 29 Nov 13)

Greencoat UK Wind PLC ……….. This is an investment fund set up with the help of the government to invest solely in UK wind farms (Comment) (thisiscornwall - 27 Nov 13)

Judge rules windfarms cause irreparable harm to human health (Windwatch - 25 Nov 13)

Eagle victims of wind farms get justice (triblive - 23 Nov 13)

RWE sells another windfarm to Greencoat (Courier - 23 Nov 13)

Southminster wind farm traffic 'blighting' villagers (Maldon and Burnham Standard - 22 Nov 13)

MP in call for windfarm inquiry (Shropshire Star - 21 Nov 13)

Study: California Wind Power is the Worst For Wildlife (kcet.org - 20 Nov 13)

Fourth public inquiry into Ecotricity windfarm (edp news - 19 Nov 13)

Parliament debates Navitus Bay coastal wind farm (BBC News - 19 Nov 13)

Near miss by windfarm lorry (Burnley Express - 18 Nov 13)

Military object to turbine over radar fear (Shropshire Star - 16 Nov 13)

The real energy scandal (Spectator - 15 Nov 13)

30 turbines built near War Horse valley (North Devon Journal - 9 Nov 13)

New Green Tax threat in energy bills (Telegraph - 9 Nov 13)

Welsh windfarm produces just £5 energy per month (Express - 7 Nov 13)

Southampton turbines never seen in action - could be torn down (Daily Echo - 6 Nov 13)

French couple win legal battle to take down windfarm spoiling their view (Telegraph - 6 Nov 13)

Cashing in on our misery - Britons forked out £1m to energy firms during mega storm (Daily Express - 3 Nov 13)

Let's get rid of all the useless wind farms (Herald Sun - 30 Oct 13)

Blow for council as wind fails to light up park (Independent.ie - 30 Oct 13)

Lord Stephen attacked over windfarm law change (Telegraph - 29 Oct 13)

Threat of legal action against windfarm hosts (Canberra Times - 28 Oct 13)

Devon turbine falls in high winds on Saturday (Exeter Express and Echo - 27 Oct 13)

Nuclear power v. windfarms - what the Govt. doesn't want you to see (Telegraph - 27 Oct 13)

New windfarm planning guide is failing says MP (This is Cornwall - 25 Oct 13)

Mini-nukes beat monster windfarms on every count (Telegraph - 19 Oct 13)

Farmers rush to meet wind turbine deadline (Telegraph & Argus - 18 Oct 13)

Yorkshire Dales windfarm torn down (Daily Mail - 15 Oct 13)

Grant Shapps calls for windfarm rethink (The Journal - 15 Oct 13)

Neighbouring windfarms affect farm land values (Financial Review - 14 Oct 13)

Wind farm will need 22 miles of cables laid under the New Forest (Times - 12 Oct 13)

Cameron battles LibDems in bid to curb soaring energy bills (Daily Mail - 12 Oct 13)
Showdown time for our insane green energy policy (Telegraph - 12 Oct 13)
Energy CEOs call for end to renewable subsidies (euractiv - 11 Oct 13)
What could possibly be the reason for shocking rise in energy prices? (Telegraph - 11 Oct 13)
Axe Green tax or energy bills will go up every year for a decade says energy chief (Telegraph - 10 Oct 13)

Britain risks blackouts in run up to next election (Telegraph - 9 Oct 13)

Windfarms threaten finest views (Telegraph - 9 Oct 13)

Navitus Bay windfarm could be iceberg waiting for a Titanic (Bournemouth - 9 Oct 13)

Blackout this winter highest in a decade (Telegraph - 7 Oct 13)

Green energy costs (Telegraph - 5 Oct 13)

Windfarm ordered to be demolished due to noise (ConnexionFrance - 2 Oct 13)



News Archive




Lady Clark

Donald Trump joins legal battle over Shetland windfarm
In environmental justice, the wind still rides roughshod over the rules
Date set for Viking windfarm appeal
Windfarms plan suffers legal setback
Sustainable Shetland claims victory
Government to appeal Viking ruling
Judge rules against Viking windfarm
Scottish government 'failed in nature obligations'
Sustainable Shetland ‘pleased’ as judge rules on Viking wind farm
The full report
A brief explanation of the Judge's decision
List of electricity licensees
List of companies applying for licence exemption
Glenmorie Windfarm Public Inquiry (link to all correspondence)
Comment by "Dougal Quixote"
Lord Stephen attacked over windfarm law change


BBC Bias

BBC Secrecy over "Green" agenda
The full story of BBC bias with the names revealed
Peter Sissons on BBC bias in 2011
The BBC's dirty little secret
BBC bias more worrying than Savile scandal


Paul Bloomer - Shetland artist


Judge rules against Viking windfarm (Shetland News - 24 Sep 13)
Scottish government 'failed in nature obligations' (BBC News - 24 Sep 13)
Sustainable Shetland ‘pleased’ as judge rules on Viking wind farm (Shetland Times - 24 Sep 13)
The full report

Judicial Review of Viking Windfarm delayed (Shetland Times - 31 Jan 13)
Judicial Review starts on Shetland (Shetland Times - 26 Jan 13)
Court grants protection on costs (Shetland News - 7 Dec 12)
Plans for two new windfarms (Shetland News - 6 Dec 12)
Legal challenge to Viking (Shetland News - 21 Jun 12)
The human impact (Shetland News - 26 Apr 12)
Funding Meeting collapses (Shetland Times - 16 Apr 12)
Battle far from over (Shetland News - 11 Apr 12)
Sustainable Shetland consider Judicial Review (Shetland Times 11 Apr 12)
Bribery (Shetland News - 10 Apr 12)
Bitterness and anger (Shetland Times - 5 Apr 12)
John Muir Trust (4 Apr 12)
RSPB disappointed (forArgyll - 4 Apr 12)
Local reaction (Shetland Times - 4 Apr 12)
Turning Shetland into one large windfarm (Shetland News - 4 Apr 12)
Auditors to investigate compensation liability (Shetland Times - 15 Dec 11)
Danger of Lerwick battery fire (Shetland Times - 25 Nov 11)
Viking windfarm to shrink (Shetland Times - 23 Nov 11)
Windfarms like graffiti (Shetland Times - 1 Nov 11)
Big and ugly things (Shetland Times - 18 Oct 11)
Shetland demands answers (Shetland News - 30 Sep 11)
Council members misled (Shetland News - 31 Aug 11)
No conflict of interest (Scotsman - 31 Aug 11)
Hundreds march against windfarm (Shetland News - 19 Feb 11)
Shetland Councillors
reported to Standards Commission (Shetland Times - 16 Dec 10)
over Council meeting (Shetland Times - 6 Dec 10)
RSPB maintain objection
(Shetland Times - 19 Nov 10)
Developer's questionable ethics
(Herald - 19 Nov 10)
Tavish Scott calls for referendum
(Shetland Times - 5 Nov 10)
One of the top ten places on earth to visit for unspoiled beauty (Shetland Times - 3 Nov 10)
Fewer turbines for Shetland but still too many (Press & Journal - 9 Oct 10)
Shameless tactics
(Shetland News - 26 Mar 10)
ASA bans developer's mailout
(Guardian - 11 Nov 09)
Windmills could kill 200,000 birds
(Shetland Times - 1 Oct 09)
Windfarm may still go ahead (Shetland Times - 5 Sep 09)
New hope for Shetland
(ClickGreen - 10 Aug 09)
lodges formal objection - windfarm will have negative effect (Shetland Times - 28 Jul 09)
Growing opposition
(Guardian - 28 Jul 09)
Windfarm may release more Co2 than it saves (Scotsman - 25 Jul 09)
RSPB object
(Press & Journal - 25 Jul 09)
John Muir Trust
lodges objection (Shetland Times - 22 Jul 09)
More on conflict of interest (Scotsman - 15 Jul 09)
Councillors cannot make recommendation due conflict of interest (Shetland Times - 12 Jul 09)
3,600 signature petition
handed to Council (Herald - 1 Jul 09)
reaches 3,500 (BBC - 10 Jun 09)
Call to extend consultation
(BBC - 2 Jun 09)
Shetland threatened by huge windfarm (Guardian - 20 May 09)


News Archive




Petition to Salmond and Ewing

"Stop the reckless siting of wind turbines in Scotland's scenic landscapes"

John Muir Trust Wild Land Campaign





Mapping Scotland's wildness and wild land - Consultation on Core Areas of Wild Land 2013 Map


Highland Wide Local Development Plan - Intention to Adopt


National Planning Framework 3 - Scottish Planning Policy Consultation



Deadline to respond Friday 17 January

Information Document


Consultation paper setting out proposals for a revised section on
'Sustainability and Planning' in Scottish Planning Policy

Closes 16 December


SNH Consultation on Core Areas of Wild Land 2013 Map

Closes 20 December


Planning Scotland's Seas Consultation

Consultation closes 13 November

See Current Proposals for details of Beatrice and Moray Firth offshore windfarms







Guidance on the Role of Councillors in Pre-Application Procedures


Review of Scottish Planning Policy

CWIF’s response commences:
"Scottish Ministers’ expectations are not being fulfilled but that is not necessarily the fault of Local Authorities. In respect of wind development, the Scottish Government has failed to provide a consistent lead in spatial policy and by frequently changing the guidelines for Local Authorities has created a situation whereby development which is clearly inappropriate is allowed. This is followed by an assessment of the present situation in Highland Council’s Planning Department which “is probably reflected across Scotland”.


House of Lords Private Member's Bill
Wind Turbines (Minimum Distance from Residential Premises) Bill
Sponsor: Lord Reay
Hansard report
Committee Stage t.b.a.

House of Commons Private Member's Bill
Onshore Wind Turbines (Proximity of Habitation) Bill

Sponsor: Chris Heaton-Harris
Hansard report
Second Reading delayed - no further date

Wind Farms - Distance from Housing
Report from House of Commons Library - 30 January 2012

Scottish Natural Heritage -
Siting and Designing Windfarms in the Landscape


Highland Council considers VisitScotland presentation on Highland Tourism
see Item 3. on the Agenda and other items of interest
This meeting is webcast

Highland Council Planning Policies and Guidance for onshore wind energy
Webcast of the meeting of the Planning, Environment and Development Committee 17 Nov 10

N.B. Item 10

Highland Council Special Landscape Area Citations

Highland Council Green Networks

Details of Beauly Denny PI and Decision
(this looks likely to affect windfarm planning)

Windfarms - Distance from Housing (House of Commons Library - 8 Jan 10)

A Guide to the Planning System in Scotland (3 Aug 09)

Climate Change (Scotland) Bill granted Royal Assent (5 Aug 09)

Scottish Government Renewables Action Plan (1 Jul 09)

Scottish Government National Planning Framework 2 now published
see also:

document - draft Overarching National Policy Statement for Energy


Separation Distances - Important clarification from the Scottish Government

Scottish Planning Policy 6 (SPP6) eases the passage of windfarm applications through the system by opening up opportunities which were formerly no-go areas. Determining Authorities are under pressure to meet Scottish Government targets and these targets are being given priority over the lives of ordinary people unfortunate enough to live close to a windfarm proposal. SPP6 contains important but neglected Guidance under "Communities" in Annex A on proximity of windfarms to dwellings and on residential amenity.

CWIF is a member of the networking organisation Stop Highland Windfarms Campaign (SHWC). SHWC wrote to Mr Jim Mather, Minister for Enterprise, Energy and Tourism and asked for clarification. As a result, in a letter to SHWC, the Directorate for the Built Environment has now clarified the proximity issue and reaffirmed the terms of SPP6 in respect of residential amenity. The correspondence was also sent to the Director of Planning & Development at Highland Council.

The relevant paragraph says this: "The 2km separation distance is intended to recognise that, in relation to local communities, visual impacts are likely to be a prominent feature and this should be taken into account when identifying the most suitable search areas. However, impacts will clearly vary considerably depending on the scale of projects and the proposed location. That is why SPP6 confirms that, in all instances, proposals should not be permitted if they would have a significant long term detrimental impact on the amenity of people living nearby. This principle applies to houses within and outwith 2km of the proposed development and regardless of whether they are single dwellings or part of a settlement."

Click here to read the questions and answers in full.

It is to be hoped that Determining Authorities will implement this Guidance with immediate effect.




Caithness Windfarm Information Forum

At the CWIF AGM on 19th March 2014, it was resolved that CWIF as a membership organisation would be dissolved forthwith, and that the ownership and control of the website be transferred to its present webmaster, the former CWIF Secretary, who has developed it from its outset to the well used and referenced present day Information Forum. The CWIF name will be preserved and the website service will continue as normal.

The ongoing financing of the website will rely on public donation. It will take time to arrange transfer of funds and setting up of new accounts, so please be patient meantime, and when the time comes, please give generously.

Stuart Young, Former Chair of CWIF


Duncansby Stacks - Photo: Ben MacGregor

CWIF is a member of the
World Council for Nature

Wind energy cannot provide what is known as "base load", therefore it cannot replace any of the secure supplies currently available. Proliferation of wind turbines severely degrades our local environment for no perceptible advantage.

Buolfruich Windfarm from Scaraben - Photo: Ben MacGregor

Caithness Windfarm Information Forum wants to see responsible Local and National energy policies which combine reliable, controllable and predictable low carbon energy supplies with adequate protection of our fragile environment, countryside and communities.


The montage below compares the Test & Trials Facility at Janetstown (27m high), Dunnet Church (12m high), a proposed Strathy North Turbine (110m high), and an existing Forss turbine (78m high).

Photomontage by Stuart Young Visualisations

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